Redmond Elementary School’s stormwater detention system

Oldcastle Precast Auburn provided 274 precast piecesm for Redmond Elementary School’s stormwater detention system (Figure: Informed Infrastructure)

Oldcastle Precast Auburn provided 274 precast piecesm for Redmond Elementary School’s stormwater detention system (Figure: Informed Infrastructure)
Lake Washington School District’s new Clara Barton Elementary School in Redmond, Washington, is one of the new elementary schools in the Redmond Learning Community that was included in the district’s Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force recommendations. The new school is built to house 690 elementary students under state-funded class-size reductions.
As part of the project, Oldcastle Precast Auburn was contracted to supply several hundred precast concrete panel sections for two massive detention vaults for the school’s new stormwater conveyance system. BNBuilders Construction, BLRB Architects, AHBL Engineering and Oldcastle Precast Auburn collaborated in creating the new stormwater conveyance system to meet requirements set by Washington’s Department of Ecology.
“What we ended up doing was precasting the elements for the detention vault and craning them into place, instead of casting in place, saving us about two and one-half months, per vault, in the construction schedule,” stated a member of the Lake Washington School District Support Services Team. “We are incorporating several different measures into the stormwater conveyance system, both naturally and mechanically, to hold, filter, clean and discharge clean stormwater. The engineering behind the site stormwater system is pretty amazing.”
Oldcastle Precast Auburn provided 274 precast pieces, including flat base slabs, top slabs and …

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