Pohlcon introduced their new digital office

The construction components can either be explored in a realistic or in an architectural view (Figure: PohlCon)

The construction components can either be explored in a realistic or in an architectural view (Figure: PohlCon)
Within the digital building, constructors and architects can explore the different virtual areas. From underground parking to elevators and different office rooms or even the cafeteria, the company presents more than 50 products from the category of sealings, façade fixation, sound insulation, reinforcement, formwork, thermal insulation, compounds, cable support systems and underfloor systems. The construction components of their own labels can either be explored in a realistic or in an architectural view.

The digital building is characterized by its great ease of use. Arrow icons on the floor and walls work as an uncomplicated orientation system. They guide the user through the different rooms and to the products. The realistic view of the different virtual rooms shows, how the various product solutions fit into the finished room design – an important criterion especially for the field of inside design. The architectural view looks deeper into how the products are fitted into the floor. Extra buttons offer additional technical information, assembly instructions, videos and related links for the products. Therefore, the virtual tour through the building enables the free exploration of Pohlcon’s product world which is available day and night.


PohlCon GmbH

Nobelstraße 45 – 55

12057 Berlin / Germany

+49 30 68283 339

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