Oversized transport: Four self-steering combinations for RonTransMar

Figure: Faymonville

Figure: Faymonville
Oversized transport without limits! This message appears on the website of the Romanian company RonTransMar. Since almost 30 years, Faymonville is their reliable partner to deliver the necessary equipment for all kind of transport jobs.

Now, an impressive convoy of four truck-and-trailer combinations has left our Luxembourgian production site towards Eastern Europe. This time, company director Vlad Lechintan and his team enlarge their transport possibilities with the achievement of four self-steering FlexMAX trailers as 4+5 axle combinations by Faymonville. This vehicle type is characterized by its adjustable steering system that autonomously follows the tractor.

Transport of longest precast concrete beams

The FlexMAX dolly trailer owes its name to its great flexibility in adapting to the length. And that is exactly what RonTransMar needs as they will transport longest precast concrete beams with these new vehicles.

The knuckle-steered 4-axle dolly and the hydraulically steered 5-axle trailer are equipped with air suspension. At the front bogie, the king pin position is selectable for 8x4 or 6x4 tractor units. Stakes ensure that the freight remains always in a safe position.


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