New date for BIBM Kongress: 15th to 17th November 2020

The 23rd BIBM Congress will take place in Denmark‘s capital Copenhagen (Figure: © kerenby/Fotolia)

The 23rd BIBM Congress will take place in Denmark‘s capital Copenhagen (Figure: © kerenby/Fotolia)
This years BIBM Congress is postponed.

After first planning to postpone to the second half of October, we could move the event succesfully to 15th to 17th of November 2020.

All stand reservations as well as the purchased Congress Tickets and the Tickets for the social program (Sightseeing Tour, Accompanying Guests' Tour & Gala Dinner) will be automatically moved to the new dates without any cost to you.

If you have reserved the hotel rooms online as part of the registrations, your booking will also be automatically moved to the new scheduled dates.

You will not need to take any action for now.  Everything you have reserved with BIBM/TMP remains valid and will be moved to the new period.

In the case that the reservations/bookings are eventually confirmed to be moved, you don't have to pay cancellation fees.

We are already looking forward to the end of this year, where we will start by getting in the right mood with the "Wonderful Copenhagen" Sightseeing Tour before to get together and to enjoy networking and future driven lessons.




The European Federation for Precast Concrete

Rue d’Arlon 55 – 6th Floor

1040 Brussels/Belgium

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