Master Builders Solutions presents innovative portfolio of concrete admixtures at BetonTage exhibition

BASF’s Master Builders Solutions experts will be presenting their innovative solutions in the concrete admixtures segment at this year’s BetonTage exhibition, held from 19 through 21 February 2019 in Neu-Ulm. At the exhibition booth 54/55, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about products such as MasterEase, MasterFiber, Master X-Seed and MasterFinish and their benefits for use in concrete production.

“Concrete admixtures can make a substantial contribution toward meeting the challenges currently faced by the construction sector: From a commitment to sustainable construction, to tighter time schedules, to an increasing cost pressure”, says Herwig Heegewaldt, responsible for the concrete admixtures business of Master Builders Solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Using the right concrete admixtures helps concrete producers as well as building owners to reduce expenses and emissions, save time, preserve their machinery and reduce the manpower required at construction sites.”

BASF’s construction branch provides custom-tailored solutions for all construction site requirements and, with its global team of researchers, is constantly working on the development of innovative products. One of the results of this was Master Builders Solutions’ 2018 launch of the innovative MasterFinish CLN 689 formwork cleaner, ensuring the production of spotless fairfaced concrete.

In addition to formwork cleaners, the MasterFinish range also comprises novel release agents and products for machine care and protection. At precast-concrete plants, MasterFinish facilitates easy formwork removal and prevents rust formation on formwork surfaces. Ready-mixed concrete manufacturers benefit from MasterFinish products for the cleaning, care and preservation of concrete vehicles, jobsite machinery and mixing equipment.


Master X-Seed, MasterEase, MasterFiber

Master X-Seed, the innovative hardening accelerator from Master Builders Solutions, is another product that delivers numerous benefits to construction sites and precast-concrete plants, reducing costs and CO2 emissions and ensuring significant time benefits. With the liquid hardening accelerator, concrete hardens up to ten times faster than without treatment – even at wintry temperatures.

Another groundbreaking product employed in the construction of the Marienturm tower, was MasterEase. It helped to achieve the remarkable pumping height of about 155 m. Showcased at the BetonTage exhibition, the new MasterEase product range optimizes concrete rheology through a remarkable reduction in viscosity by up to 30 %. This results e.g. in lower pumping pressure and a much more straightforward troweling process – a great benefit, for instance, in precast production or the casting of concrete floor slabs.

Another innovation presented at BetonTage is MasterFiber – synthetic fibers that can be used instead of steel as an alternative reinforcement in concrete. Facilitating cost reductions of up to 40 %, use of the fibers also broadens the scope for possible designs. MasterFiber makes concrete elements more resistant to environmental impact and improves the durability of the building.

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