Gerhard Sonnleitner takes over responsibility for the directorship of sales for Max Frank (CSO)

Gerhard Sonnleitner (Figure: Max Frank)

Gerhard Sonnleitner (Figure: Max Frank)
In view of the multi-year generational change that has already begun, the company Max Frank is pleased to announce that Gerhard Sonnleitner will be appointed as the new CSO from January 1, 2025.

He will thus assume overall responsibility for the strategic and operational direction of the Group's sales activities. With his long-term experience at the headquarters and international trade as well as his analytical skills, his team spirit and his solutions driven orientation, Gerhard Sonnleitner already has many of the preconditions for this leadership role.

The company is particularly proud to have Gerhard Sonnleitner as CSO from within its own ranks. As the previous head of the Customer Service department, he is not only familiar with the company structure and culture but is also very familiar with customer and market requirements.

Gerhard Sonnleitner will assume the top-line responsibility for sales in Germany as early as July 1, 2024. Together with Sales Manager Harald Niewöhner and his colleagues in the internal and external sales teams, he will shape the further development of sales in Germany.

CEO Dr. Max Frank is confident that this will create the best foundations for successful sales in the future, enabling Max Frank to continue to navigate through both daily and medium- and long-term opportunities and challenges.


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