Foundation of Poraver Eastern Europe Sp. z o.o. in Poland

The production plant in Postbauer-Heng (Germany) (Figure: Dennert Poraver)

The production plant in Postbauer-Heng (Germany) (Figure: Dennert Poraver)
Poraver Eastern Europe Sp. z o.o. has been added to the Poraver corporate family. The newly founded company is based in Krakow, Poland. Due to the increasing demand and very good sales developments in the Central and Eastern European market, we have decided to initiate and intensively advance the planning for a production plant in Poland. Our new production site in Poland will enable our Eastern European customers to benefit from significantly lower transport costs and higher availability of our products.

With its two production plants in Postbauer-Heng (Germany) and Innisfil (Ontario, Canada), the Poraver group has a worldwide production capacity of 85,000 tons of expanded glass and is already the undisputed world leader. From the end of 2020, the third production plant in Schlüsselfeld (Germany) will be put into operation. This will increase the production capacity to over 100,000 tons of expanded glass per year. The fourth Poraver® plant, located in Poland, increases the overall capacity even more and clearly underscores the company's claim to market leadership.



Dennert Poraver GmbH

Mozartweg 1

96132 Schlüsselfeld/Germany

+49 9552 92 977-0

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