Control technique for the precast concrete industry

Used as a generic term “precast concrete industry” includes production plants and for various products such as for instance structural precast components, paving blocks, slabs, concrete pipes and many others. The demands made on the production flow are utterly different due to such diversity. For this reason, it is necessary to have a control system for the concrete mixing process, which is able to meet the respective requirement. For this purpose, Sauter GmbH has developed a modular control system in the last few years, which is line-of-business-oriented and especially flexible.

Sauter GmbH configures, designs and supplies software and hardware solutions. The systems, automation and control components are successfully applied all over the world. Sauter laid the foundations with the market entry in the Low Countries, which belong to the leading nations in respect of technology in the field of precast concrete construction. Concrete grades such as SCC or UHPC are industrially produced and used in large amounts in these countries. The control system of Sauter was convincing in this market, as the efficient system meets the high requirements of the manufacturers.

In detail the control system includes the following functions: 
» entirely integrated water dosage
» screen and visual splitting
» flexible production control related to discharging stations
» high dosage accuracy through active three-dimensional follow-up control system
» density evaluation direct in the recycling water weigher via laser measuring
» programs for optimizing the cement consumption
» production planning with calculation of component consumption
» modern IPC touch panel retrieval terminals
» temperature control of fresh concrete
» monorail bucket transport systems fitted with Bluetooth wireless communication
» laser measuring for level control or for positioning of traveling systems
» linear recognition of the hopper fill level for visual illustration of the fill level horizon as well as
» interfaces to SAP, Access, Navision, etc.    

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