SLG technical data sheet on cleaning and protection of cast-stone block and slab pavements

All construction materials are subject to natural aging processes associated with weather and the effects of use. These processes, in conjunction with environmental pollution and soiling in the course of use, can lead to undesirable changes to surfaces, especially discoloration. The same applies to block and slab pavements in outdoor areas exposed to the weather, where fixing elements made of cast stone are used. Keeping these traffic areas in presentable condition for their intended service life can be achieved only when they are properly used and expertly cleaned.

In this context, the relevant technical data sheet in the process of being prepared initially describes the various effects of pollution and the behavior of concrete fixing elements with and without surface protection systems. It also treats the various types of pollution, including preventive measures. The data sheet continues with the various types and modes of cleaning, as well as with suitable cleaning equipment and cleaning products, together with g instructions for use. It also includes a special section on customary surface protection systems available from the manufacturer, as well as recommendations for their care and repair.

The technical data sheet addresses the professional public and is intended to provide the construction materials trade as well as cleaning companies well-founded support for selecting products and for cleaning and protecting cast stone products and the surfaces paved with them.


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