Reinforced concrete pile

(10) EP 4 092 197 A1

(22) 12.05.2022

(43) 23.11.2022

(57) A reinforced concrete pile (1, 1’), which can be driven into the ground for supporting a building or the like structure, comprises at least one heat transfer pipe (2, 3) for circulating a heat transfer fluid in the pile (1, 1’), at least one of the ends of the reinforced concrete pile (1, 1’) constituting a splicing end by which splicing end the pile (1, 1’) is connectible to another identical or similar pile (1, 1’) for constructing a longer pile assembly, and whereby, at said splicing end, said at least one heat transfer pipe (2, 3) is  adapted to be connected to a respective heat transfer pipe (2, 3) of the pile (1, 1’) connectible to the discussed splicing end. At the pile’s (1, 1’) splicing end, the heat transfer pipe (2, 3) is surrounded with an elastic jacket (11).

(71) Leino, Jorma 27250 Lappi (FI)


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