Wet-cast start-up kit

Automacad Inc. and Rosetta Hardscapes LLC jointly collaborate on multiple wet-cast start-up turn-key projects, driving the development of cutting-edge wet-cast equipment for manufacturing products of the highest quality and precision. The newly developed turn-key start-up kit is revolutionary in that it offers a fully integrated and comprehensive solution to a beginner wet-cast producer while keeping future expansion possibilities in mind as the entire kit is highly modular and scalable.

Value to customers

“Working with Rosetta Hardscapes, a company whose name is synonymous with products of the highest quality and natural look, has allowed us to get a perspective of all the factors involved in delivering totally integrated turn-key solutions,” says Louis Hébert, President at Automacad Inc.

Jeremy Manthei, President at Rosetta Hardscapes, says: “Concrete product manufacturers want to make things that have high value in the marketplace, but can be produced with low production costs. Rosetta’s wet-cast products have proven to have high value to customers. Automacad equipment has proven capable of making wet-cast products at a low cost. By collaborating, we are able to offer our mutual customers a very exciting, profitable opportunity.”

Automacad Inc. is an expert manufacturer of concrete production machinery. Among various other concrete-related projects, the company specializes in providing tailored innovative solutions for the wet-cast industry. Automacad optimizes production by creating new concepts and equipment, modifying and improving machines and adding value to existing processes.

Rosetta Hardscapes LLC develops, sells and licenses innovative wet-cast hardscape products and molds. Rosetta’s comprehensive product line includes wet-cast pavers, fire pits, retaining walls, steps and more, all with the colors and textures of natural stone.

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