Water purification sink

(10) WO 2021/005398 A1

(22) 08.07.2019

(43) 14.01.2021

(57) In this system, in wastewater duct, a foam concrete conduit which consists of various parts, such as sedimentation, deposition, natural purification and chemical purification, is used to purify wastewater completely. The water used to wash vegetables and hands and face can be directed to the flash tank by piping so that purified water canbe used for drinking purposes. For this purpose, several purification systems are used simultaneously to purify the contaminated water and return it to the consumption cycle. The sink bed has consisted of porous concrete. This concrete is used to prevent passing coarse objects through the purification system. After passing water through no-fine concrete, it enters into an end-capped concrete conduit in which several purifying systems are used.

(71) NO UBAHAR, Salman [IR/IR]; #7 Banafsheh Complex, 12 th alley, Esteghlal Ave, Shiraz (IR).

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