VB Beton

VBionen: Flexible, strong and durable

The VB Beton company has developed a new multifunctional product, for which the gabion was acting as a model: The new product is a precast concrete wall with embedded flex anchors and a wire mesh fixed to the same. The space between the concrete wall and the wire mesh is filled with rocks according to choice.

The flex anchors come standard with Bezinal 2000 coating and are generally placed at every 50 centimeter. Alternatively, anchors made of stainless steel are available. The wire mesh, having a mesh width of 50 x 50 mm and a thickness of 4.5 mm, is fixed to the anchors. The wire mesh is also treated with a Bezinal 2000 coating. This advanced anti-corrosion treatment complies with standard DIN 50021 SS/ASTM B117/ISO 9227 and guarantees a lifetime that is six times longer than achieved by hot galvanizing. According to customers‘ request, the space between the concrete wall and the wire can be filled with materials of different structures and colors, such as for example crushed stone, sound-absorbing lava stones, tree bark or decorative materials.

„With this product we can offer our customers the perfect solution, for instance, for noise protection and embankment strengthening“, thinks Mathieu Vanbockrijck, General Manager of the family-owned company VB Beton. The parent company is based in Belgium having further nine subsidiaries in Europe.


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