Upcoming production launch of new Mobilmix 2.5 ­concrete mixing plant

Liebherr will be unveiling the Mobilmix 2.5 system, its latest mobile concrete mixing unit, at Bauma 2016. Its output has been increased by 10 m³ to 110 m³/h compared to the previous generation, of which 300 units were delivered to customers. Customers will benefit from short cleaning times, lower wear, and quick assembly.

One of the new features is its lowered mixer platform. The slight incline of the discharge hopper simplifies cleaning considerably as does the additional space available to access the mixer system. The special design of the skip features parallel running surfaces and plastic rollers on the skip to ensure comfortable operation whilst minimizing wear. Galvanized assemblies and high-quality components enhance system durability.

The Mobilmix 2.5 plant and in-line silo can be assembled and connected to electricity in just one day. On the second day, a maximum of six cement silos can be installed and electrically connected.

The Mobilmix unit uses the new twin-shaft mixer DW 2.5. All functional assemblies, including electric motors, gears, hydraulics, mixer gate, central lubrication and high-pressure cleaning system, have been grouped in a clear and compact arrangement on the drive side. Hose and cable paths have been shortened significantly and simplified.


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