Transparent and convertible

Along with ongoing technological and economic developments, the demands placed by people on the polity are changing. In the past, it should guarantee security and consistency; for this reason, people assigned it sovereignty of action. Nowadays, this need is replaced by demanding the ability to innovate and adapt as well as the call for transparence of decision-making and the participation in the same. The root causes for this shift are known: ever shorter intervals of time between Profound changes; global networking and boundless mobility allowing a look behind the scenes of decisions.

The repositioning of the marketing organization of the German cement and concrete industry can be regarded in this context as well. Early July, the organization presented itself to the trade public with a new name, a revised strategy and a new corporate design (s. page 08, Betonmarketing becomes IZB). BetonMarketing Deutschland now becomes InformationsZentrum Beton (IZB). The new name represents the step from suggestive marketing of the building material concrete in public towards informative communication with the public regarding the building material concrete; in this way, it takes account of the need of people for transparency and the participation in the dialogue.

The centralization of the organization is accompanied with the change of name. In this regard, the managing directors, Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Ulrich Nolting and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias M. Middel, expect to boost the communicative capacity, even in the international competition. IZB will become more visible through the new corporate design. By the way: The trade magazine, BFT International, is also successful in the market with the colors gray, yellow, white and black.

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