The permeable city – a resilient city capable of managing the resource sustainably

The „Permeable City“ project of the Lyon metropolis started in 2015, ending in 2017. It consisted of a technical and financial evaluation of alternative storm water management achievements on more than 20 sites in the metropolis, and have lead to a guide to design and management of storm water in urban development projects.

Since 1995, the management policy at the source of rainwater has allowed the creation of new floodplains of very high quality (like the lake in the photo below) and the emergence of „alternative“ techniques that are essentially aimed at infiltrating rainwater closer to where they fall.

Today, even if only 15 % of the metropolitan area of Lyon has a separate rainwater collection network, 50 % of the runoff water is managed “in situ” (on the plot, by wells, ditches, ponds) and which directly join the streams or the groundwater to renew them without altering their quality.

The „Permeable City“...

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