Symposium on “Concrete Block Pavement”

There is hardly any other construction material which plays such a prominent role in area surfacing and design as concrete block pavement. The proper design and execution of concrete block surfaces and slab pavements require an extensive knowledge of numerous technical rules and regulations.

The industry event on “Concrete Block Pavement”, hosted by the Information Center Concrete (InformationsZentrum Beton; IZB) and the German Concrete Association for Roads, Landscaping, and Garden Construction (Betonverband Straße, Landschaft, Garten e. V.; SLG) in different locations and on different dates in September and October (see below), will provide an overview of amendments in the rules and regulations, present environmental requirements on public street space, and offer advice as to how prevent damage to block pavements. Another subject area addresses barrier-free mobility. The symposium will present orientation and guidance systems that make public space safe and usable even for people with limited mobility.

The event is rounded out by examples of architecture such as the raised platform at the Musterschule stop in Frankfurt am Main, an introduction to low-noise pavement construction, as well as the presentation of concrete products for use in road, landscape and gardening construction.

Events are scheduled for September, 13, 2018 in Schwerte,  North Rhine-Westphalia, on September 27, 2018 in Hamburg, and on October 23, 2018 in Freisingm Bavaria. For additional details please visit the IZB website ( -> Aktuell -> Veranstaltungen).

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