MC Bauchemie

Surface protection for agricultural ­concrete structures

Silage silos, liquid-manure tanks, basements, pits, and biogas facilities are all exposed to numerous aggressive mechanical and chemical attacks that in the long term can lead to damage. With MC-PowerPro HCR, MC-Bauchemie has developed a new surface coating system that durably protects the concrete in agricultural structures, owing to its very high chemical resistance to the aggressive attacks of liquid manure, silage seepage effluent and biogenic acid corrosion(BAC).

Resistant to chemicals and wear

The flexible duroelastic surface coating is not only highly resistant to biogenic acid corrosion and silage seepage effluent in accordance with DIN 11622-2, but to many organic acids, saline solutions and brine as well. The product system, moreover, possesses good resistance to attrition and can therefore be traveled on by vehicles with pneumatic tires. MC-PowerPro HCR bridges over cracks. Substrates endangered by cracking or surface-near cracked substrates can in this way be protected and loading of the groundwater with chemical substances prevented.

Quick and simple processing

MC-PowerPro HCR can be used in gas compartments of covered areas of wastewater treatment facilities and in digester towers as well as in manure dumps, liquid-manure tanks, basements, channels, silage silos, clamp silos up to and including biogas containers, biogas digesters, and composters.

The new surface coating system consists of the epoxy resin primer MC-PowerPro HCRprimer epoxy resin primer and the MC-PowerPro HCR two-component pigmented polymer-combination. The system is suitable for application on cement-bound substrates, e.g. concrete, reinforced-concrete, and mortar.

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