Form + Test

Successful inhouse exhibition

The joint inhouse exhibition for testing and measuring technology organized by the companies Form + Test Seidner & Co. GmbH, Riedlingen, infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH, Brackenheim, and Proceq SA, Schwerzenbach, on 11 November 2015 in Riedlingen, Germany, attracted great interest. Stationary and mobile testing, measuring and analysis technology for quality control of construction materials and buildings were shown to customers and other interested parties and special features discussed on more than 150 exhibits. In focus: E-module testing based on the new EN 12390-13 as well as two-fold measuring offset by 180° on cylinders, cubes or prisms as well as triple-measuring offset by 120° on cylinders in combination with compressive testing machine Alpha 3-3.000 SD, and the new compact-sized Mega 6-3.000-300 SD combined compression and bending/flexure testing machine in accordance with EN 12390-3, EN 12390-5, EN 12390-6 as well as EN 1338, EN 1339 and EN 1340. Additional highlights presented were the type PSM 4 specimen grinding machines for drilling cores and type PSM 3, and the newly developed bond-strength tester HZP-Com with Bluetooth and tablet PC connection. More than 130 participants from Switzerland, Austria and Germany attended the event day.

Text: André Linke

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