Strakon 2014 with new 3D online catalog

An increasing number of manufacturers also now offer their embedded parts in digital form, as three-dimensional models. With the direct link of the Strakon 2014 structural design software to the new 3D online catalog, 3D embedded parts can now be conveniently and quickly selected from various manufacturers and added to the Strakon embedded-parts catalog. Apart from faster modeling of three-dimensional structures, additional visual studies are possible, which enable their designers to check in detail whether, for example, the reinforcement collides with the embedded parts, or whether assembly components and connecting elements match.

Sector solution for ­structural design

Leading manufacturers of embedded parts have already entered their products in the online embedded-parts catalog, which will be gradually expanded to provide a sector solution from which structural engineers can choose from Strakon products.

The catalog of component parts is well organized and describes every component part textually and visually with a graphic or photographic illustration, its dimensions, and a brief description. In addition to the online download, the current Strakon version 2014 enables individual generation of 3D embedded parts by the user himself. In this way, 3D embedded parts can be derived from every flex component and modified in dimension, and individual special embedded parts can be generated. The embedded parts integrated in the building model are automatically recorded in output lists, and can be included in estimation, bidding or billing systems.

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