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State-of-the-art formwork systems for Lithuanian and Indian precast plants

Formwork plays a key role in producing large structural precast components since it defines the elements’ shape, determines product quality and makes manufacturing processes more flexible. Its adaptability is crucial for ensuring efficient and profitable production. This is why the Weckenmann portfolio comprises a wide range of sophisticated formwork components that ensure high quality and cost effectiveness.

Concrete engineering specifications are becoming increasingly demanding and complex in terms of structural quality and a favorable cost base – high quality and efficiency are more important than ever before. This situation requires an increasing amount of consultancy to be provided with respect to formwork solutions and systems as well as greater flexibility in the available product range. Customized solutions for producing impeccable precast elements have thus become indispensable.

Stationary formwork for Lithuanian precast producer

Structural precast components such as columns, beams and joists require highly flexible, easy-to-operate formwork systems that ensure outstanding product quality. UAB Perdanga, a precast producer based in Klaipeda, Lithuania, also defined these requirements for its new production line. This company has been doing business in precast for many years and recently expanded its international activities. To respond to growing demand, the company decided to construct a new factory building. Just recently, the new stationary production line supplied by Weckenmann was commissioned.

This production line comprises a twin mold for columns and two single molds for prestressed units as well as the associated concrete spreader. The twin mold provides a length of 2 × 50 m; the two single molds are 36 and 48 m long. The latter are used to produce columns whose dimensions range from 250 × 250 to 750 × 1.000 mm. Furthermore, beams in the range from 300 × 300 to 1.000 × 800 mm can be produced.

In the first step, hollow-core slab production was launched in 2015. Since the beginning of this year, the product range available for customers for international construction projects includes not only prestressed floor slabs but also columns and girders.

The Weckenmann project management department joined forces with the prestressing equipment supplier to successfully coordinate this project. Anton Ohlert is available as the local partner headquartered in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital.

Formwork and magnet systems for ­India

Formwork systems supplied by Weckenmann provide the right solution for any plant and product. In India, Weckenmann engineers installed a custom formwork system at the precast production line of Bangalore-based Sobha Group. Sobha was founded in 1995. The company specializes in residential construction and contractor services, operates subsidiaries in 25 cities in 13 Indian federal states, and has completed over 360 construction projects since its establishment. In 2013, this state-of-the-art business was honored as one of the “Top Real Estate Companies” in the country; it is thus one of the leading Indian developers and is continuously expanding its activities.

In Bangalore, the company will be producing up to 400,000 m² of wall units and floor slabs per year in a wide variety of dimensions. The company puts great emphasis on manufacturing precast components to an outstanding quality standard.

The formwork system is at the very heart of the production line: as said above forms lend a “face” to the concrete and are thus crucial to ensure impeccable quality and high dimensional accuracy of precast elements. The state-of-the-art Weckenmann formwork system was tailored to the needs of the precast producer. Since its commissioning, Sobha has been relying on this system for producing both floor slabs and wall units in various dimensions and thicknesses as well as door and window block-out elements.

The company uses the Weckenmann X-Side formwork system combined with magnet boxes. The X-Side system impresses with its quick, toolless handling. The system is equipped with steel profiles in various heights and designs, which makes it possible to produce 100 to 300 mm thick walls using a single system. Furthermore, the equipment package included Weckenmann A series formwork profiles for the production of precast floor slabs.

In-house Weckenmann engineers designed the formwork system based on architectural drawings of the precast elements whilst also considering, amongst other options, formwork placement for elements with projecting reinforcement. This makes the formwork system the perfect fit for the requirements defined by Sobha Group because its outstanding versatility enables its use for the manufacture of a wide range of different elements.

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