Sika Control-600 SR minimizes drying shrinkage

Sika announces that it is the first manufacturer to receive a general building authority approval (AbZ) for a shrinkage reducing agent to minimize drying shrinkage in concrete. This was necessary because there is no shrinkage reducer active agent class in European standard EN 934-2. The general building authority approval was issued by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt).


Drying shrinkage reduced by up to 30%

Depending on the concrete composition, use of Sika Control-600 SR can reduce drying shrinkage by up to 30%. Due to the decrease in its tendency to crack, concrete can also achieve significantly improved watertightness. This is especially beneficial in water-impermeable structures. The shrinkage reducer decreases the tendency of liquid cement screeds to crack and form hollows in corners. The joint spacing in industrial floors can be increased due to the reduction of drying shrinkage. The shrinkage reducer also significantly increases piece of mind concerning cracks and hollow locations when renovating parking garages with ready-mixed concrete.

Sika Control-600 SR increases cohesion in the pore space of the building material. This substantially reduces contraction and thus length change during drying.

Sika Control-600 SR is approved as a shrinkage reducer for concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete in accordance with DIN EN 206-1 in conjunction with DIN 1045-2 and for sprayed concrete in accordance with DIN EN 14487-1 in conjunction with DIN 18551.

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