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Issue 01/2023

Device for shuttering a concrete structure in a narrow space

(10) DE 20 2022 104 198 U1 (22) 25.07.2022 (45) 20.10.2022 (57) Vorrichtung zum Einschalen einer Betonstruktur in einem engen Raum, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass sie ein Innenschalungsfach (2) mit...

Issue 12/2016 KLB

New brochure on the processing of shuttering blocks

The manufacturer KLB-Klimaleichtblock dedicates specific guidelines to the professional processing of lightweight concrete shuttering blocks. As of now, the guideline contains instructions regarding...

Issue 04/2010 Cycle time reduction in the precast factory

The shuttering robot Twin-Z

In comparison to the conventional system (Fig. 1), that Weckenmann had already developed in 1991 and that is still being constructed, the robot Twin-Z was extended by a second vertical axis – also...


At Vollert|Weckenmann, the manufacture of forms and shuttering pallets is a matter of precision

Form building in precast plants leaves its mark on the quality of the finished products. The demand for highest quality in the manufacture of floors, walls and façade elements can therefore only be...

Issue 12/2022 ELEMATIC

New shuttering robot boosts Elematic’s portfolio of double-wall production technology

The new robot that was on display at at Elematic‘s stand at bauma 2022 in October, strengthens the company’s offering of comprehensive solutions for all types of wall production, with double wall...