Safeflex SF – Innovation at GaLaBau 2018

The largest number of accidents on German construction sites occur by far with flex or angle grinders, as stated in accident statistics. According to the 2016 accident report by the German Statutory Accident Insurance, 25 percent of all accidents involve motor-driven manual tools. The team of Probst GmbH has worked with a clear focus on a solution for safe cutting and separating paving blocks and the like.

The Swabian creative forgery in southern Germany, with nearly 60 years of company history, has again and again set new standards. With Safeflex SF, it is now continuing on its success story: at GaLaBau 2018 – the fair for garden and landscaping products, Safeflex was awarded the Innovation Medal. The jury agreed: “With the SF, the danger of cutting injuries can be reduced.” With that distinction, Probst won the GaLaBau Innovation Medal for the fifth time.


Danger of injuries considerably reduced thanks to

Blocks, slabs and tiles are often, out of habit, not sufficiently fixed in place during cutting with angle grinders and are simply set on their feet. The product can easily slip out of place, and a worker can easily lose control of the tool with terrible consequences. With the Safeflex SF, the danger of injury cuts can be considerably reduced. The products are quickly and securely fixed in place so that they cannot slip and become dangerous projectiles.

The construction product – for example, a paving block – is placed between two tensioning elements, which are extended by two springs. The tensioning elements are adjusted between 30 and 160 mm to the height of the product by two spring bolts at the side. Once a block or a slab is in place, the upper tensioning element, which serves both as extension of the handle and as protection from injury, is closed.  The user simply presses his foot at the proper place and in this manner securely fixes the component. The cutting process can be carried out by flex or separating grinder as usual. The tensioning surfaces, which are provided with an anti-slip mat, take a tight hold on even small residual pieces for absolutely perfect cutting.

Convenient and simple option

Holger Merholz, Director Sales & Marketing at Probst GmbH, is enthusiastic about the distinction: “Our products focus on the reality at the construction site – Safeflex SF offers a convenient and simple option for notably reducing accidents during cutting with angle grinders.” And the ergonomics are also not neglected, because the Safeflex, according to the manufacturer, is clearly easier and better to transport than, for example, a wet cutting table.

“Workers are today clearly increasingly aware of aspects of health and occupational safety,” emphasizes Merholz. “It is time that employers in the construction industry draw level with them by providing appropriate working conditions.” With the practical clamping aid “Made in Germany” and rated outstanding by the technical jury, work on construction sites is safer and more efficient.

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