Room-in-room solution with walls of translucent concrete

“Think.Tank”, the transparent or semi-transparent room-in-room solution offered by König + Neurath, includes wall elements of translucent concrete from Lucem which create closed retreat rooms to allow concentrated working or undisturbed meetings in open-plan offices without interfering with the building fabric.

The self-contained system can be integrated into any office landscape as a detached unit, since no connection to the ceiling or wall is required. Switching between glass elements and Lucem’s translucent concrete wall elements offers a wide range of customer-specific design possibilities in size and furnishing – functional, screened off both visually and acoustically. The translucent concrete of the wall elements transports light through the material by means of embedded optical fibers. The semi-transparent look of the translucent concrete creates a new sense of spaciousness with interesting shadows. The closer a person or an object is to the translucent concrete wall, the more accentuated the shadow will be cast. The scattered light causes persons in motion to be perceived as shadows with soft edges on the other side of the wall.

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