Renovation of a parking lot with coating system for waterproof concrete ground slabs

A surface protection system with enhanced crack bridging, which is also suitable in the case of rising moisture, was required for an underground parking lot in Ulm. The „StoFloor Traffic Elastic 590 EP“ system of StoCretec meets these requirements and is now protecting the concrete against moisture and pollutants permanently.

Problems with moisture and faults in construction were the reasons for serious damages at the basement level of an underground parking lot situated in the Ulm area. In the event of persistent rain, partial areas of the underground parking lot were under water. In addition, the appointed planner, Muhsau Kindl Ingenieurgesell-schaft, detected a lot of cracks in the ground as well as corrosion damages, in particular, in the section of spray and splash water. As a consequence, the underground parking lot was in urgent need of repair in order to ensure its load-bearing capacity in the future. A final surface protection should protect the building fabric against water and water-soluble pollutants permanently. Therefore, the planner was looking for a long-lasting and reliable solution in collaboration with StoCretec, the specialist in construction chemicals.


References confirm quality

What was needed was a system that provides enhanced crack bridging and that is moreover suitable in the event of rising moisture. The OS 11 surface protection system offers a high crack-bridging ability but requires an additional rigid intermediate layer to prevent blisters caused by moisture on the rear part. Cracks in the concrete base can continue up to the rigid intermediate layer allowing moisture to reach the overlying elastic layer. Possible consequences are damages at the membrane and spalling – hence, the protective function of the coating system would no longer be ensured. A common rigid OS 8 system was also out of question because of the lacking crack-bridging ability.

The optimum solution was provided by the „StoFloor Traffic Elastic 590 EP“ surface protection system with the StoPox 590 EP epoxy resin coating. This system is static crack bridging (class A3: 0.51 mm at -10° C) as well as water vapor permeable (class II: Sd value ≤ 50 m). The system is highly resistant to wear and features a very good adhesion to the substrate, even without applying a primer. Classified to slip resistance R11 V4 or higher, the system ensures a high degree of anti-slip protection even in the case of moisture. The „StoFloor Traffic Elastic 590 EP“ system is also suitable for outdoor applications. Its outstanding effectiveness and durability are proven by numerous long-time references.

After extensive repairs, the underground parking lot is not only free of damages and ideally protected for the future. But it also appears bright, clearly arranged and safe due to the use of pleasant colors.

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