Reinforcing bar binding machine, wire reel, wire, and method of detecting kind of wire

(11) EP 2 554 763 A1
(22) 27.04.2005
(43) 06.02.2013
(71) MAX CO., LTD. Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8502 (JP)
(57) A wire reel containing portion (3) of a reinforcing bar binding machine (1) is provided with a rotation detecting lever (8) and a photosensor (7). When a wire reel is rotated in starting to bind a wire, rotation thereof is detected by the rotation detecting lever switched ON/OFF by a projected portion formed at a side face of the wire reel, the photosensor detects a reflection mark of the wire reel to determine a kind of the wire from a number of the marks, and a twist torque or the like is...

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