Reinforcement of 3D-printed concrete bodies

(10) US 2020/0269463 Al

(22) 09.11.2018

(43) 27.08.2020

(57) A method for producing a component (1) from hardenable material, wherein, in a first method step, at least one layer (2, 3) of the material is printed in a 3D printing process, in a second method step, multiple similar reinforcing elements (4) are introduced into the layer(s) (2, 3) and the two method steps are cyclically repeated until the component (1) is completed, characterized in that, with the exception of the two bottommost and the topmost layers, each reinforcing element (4) extends over at least three layers (2, 3), and the reinforcing elements (4) are arranged in strands (5) which extend through all the layers (2, 3) and have, in each layer (2, 3), at least three reinforcing elements (4), the lateral distance (A) of these reinforcing elements from each other within a strand (5) being a maximum of five times the largest lateral extent (D) of a reinforcing element (4).

(71) Peri GmbH, Weissenhorn (DE)


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