Prefabricated module interconnection for modular building

(10) WO 2020/098805 Al

(22) 16.11.2019

(43) 22.05.2020

(57) An attachment between adjacent concrete-based prefabricated modules in a single storey of a multi-storey modular building is provided. A first concrete-based prefabricated module includes at least two vertical walls and at least a ceiling or a floor. A plurality of first reinforcing attachment members is connected to a first vertical wall including periodic projections extending from the first vertical wall. The second module similarly includes at least two vertical walls, ceiling or floor, and attachment members. The first prefabricated module and the second prefabricated module are positioned adjacent to one another such that the first attachment member periodic projections face the second attachment member periodic projections. A tie assembly engages the first and second attachment member periodic projections. In-situ cast concrete embeds the first and second attachment members and fills a space between the first module first vertical wall and the second module second vertical wall.

(71) P&T ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS LIMITED [CN/CN]; 33/F, 633 King‘s Road, North Point, Hong Kong (CN). 

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