Prefabricated concrete form with stairs

(10) US 2021/0025184 Al

(22) 20.07.2020

(43) 28.01.2021

(57) A prefabricated concrete form with vertical spacers between fill forming cladding with cut-outs in the spacers having horizontal rebar received therethrough and received therein. Stand-offs are provided between the vertical spacers with vertical rebar received on the stand-offs. In one version, the stand-offs are attached to the horizontal rebar. In other versions, the stand-offs are attached to the spacers. A cut-out is formed in one of the claddings to form an auxiliary fill space on the outside of the cladding, which when filled with concrete, upon hardening, forms a ledge for supporting a stair structure.

(71) Framing Systems, Inc., Cleveland, OH (US)

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