Prefabricated bridge pier reinforcing bar connecting structure and construction method therefor

(10) WO 2021/031373 A1

(22) 06.11.2019

(43) 25.02.2021

(57) Disclosed are a prefabricated bridge pier reinforcing bar connecting structure and a construction method therefor, comprising a reinforcing bar embedded in a prefabricated concrete component, a grouting sleeve, steel chisels provided along the circumference on the inner wall of the grouting sleeve, a grouting hole provided at one end of the grouting sleeve, and a grout discharging hole provided at the other end. The sleeve is provided at the center position thereof with a limiting baffle provided and with rubber ring plugs at either end opening. The steel 21 chisels are welded to the inner wall of the sleeve. The reinforcing bar is rugged on the surface; the shape of steel chisel connectors fits with same so as form a mechanical bridging. During the installation of a prefabricated bridge pier, when the prefabricated component is aligned and in position, the reinforcing bar on the other end is inserted into the grouting sleeve, because of the mechanical connection between the steel chisel connectors and the reinforcing bar, the reinforcing bar cannot be pulled out easily, and at this time, a common grout can be injected from the grout injecting hole to complete the process. The reinforcing bar of the present application is provided with a force for mechanical engagement with the grouting sleeve, cannot be pulled out easily, and provides a certain degree of tensile and compressive capacity; therefore, the process can be completed with the common grout injected into the sleeve, and, construction accuracy and quality assurance are improved.

(71) (JSTI GROUPCO., LTD.) [CN/CN]; Jiangsu 210019 (CN)


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