Precast parts for logistics hall of GVZ Ingolstadt

At the logistics center at the cargo transport center of the Ingolstadt Betreibergesell-schaft mbH (LGI), in which the German city of Ingolstadt and Audi AG participate equally, the construction of a new logistics hall is currently underway. The contract for the conception, general planning and project control was awarded pbb Planung + Projektsteuerung GmbH, located in Ingolstadt. Using precast parts and Peikko column connections, the building contractors were able to erect the two-story hall covering 70,000 m² within a few months. The new hall supplements the space surrounding the Hall T towards the south and enables Audi to optimally meet the growing requirements on storage and logistics.

Precast concrete skeleton construction for the hall

The new hall is erected on an area of 66,000 m² and is the first structure at the GVZ with two stories, covering a total of approx. 70,000 m². To these are added 100 parking spaces for trucks and passenger cars. About 900 employees will work in the new building and ensure, working three shifts, continuous movement of goods. Hall T was planned and designed by pbb Planung + Projektsteuerung GmbH.

The designers decided on a skeleton construction, stiffened by several fire walls and three shafts for truck elevators. The loadbearing parts were manufactured in the precast plants and connected to each other at the construction site. Owing to the large spans and the enormous loading, columns measuring up to 100/90 cm were in part required. In order to restrain them efficiently in the foundation construction, pbb Planung + Projektsteuerung GmbH decided to use column shoes and anchor bolts from Peikko Deutschland GmbH.

Column shoes and anchor bolts

This anchorage system consists of column shoes and anchor bolts to establish a flexurally stiff connection between precast columns and foundation. The column is aligned at the construction site to the correct height and brought into the correct vertical position. One great advantage of the system is that the screwed connections need no supports and that the loads that arise are completely transmitted into the foundation via column shoes and anchor bolts.

Peikko column connections are not only used for restraining the columns securely in the foundation. With them, one or two, or more, column elements can be force-locked together. The columns for Hall T were manufactured and erected by the Klebl GmbH Group, based in Neumarkt, Germany. In Ingolstadt, the challenge consisted of designing and executing the precast elements within a very short time, to subsequently erect them at the site, and to coordinate and implement additional measures to  the unfinished structure of the Hall T building.

In five months to the topping-out ceremony

In implementing the project within this short construction time, Klebl GmbH benefited from six company-owned precast plants, qualified workers and a great deal of experience. Dipl.-Ing. Günter Horndasch, the company’s project manager, explained: “We have been familiar with the solutions from Peikko for a long time and use them frequently. Our teams in the precast plant and at the construction site can handle them easily.” The column shoes were installed in the reinforcing cage of the columns by workers from the precast plant and connected with the preinstalled column reinforcement.

At the construction site, the anchor bolts are installed with high dimensional accuracy, using installation templates, in the foundation. The joint between column foot and foundation is sealed with grouting concrete to complete the stable column connection system. In this way, the workers at Klebl GmbH were able to comfortably meet the time targets so that the topping-out ceremony could be celebrated already on 11 June 2013.

Text: Dipl.-Ing. Claudia El Ahwany

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