Precast highlights 2014

You are now looking at the twelfth edition of BFT International for 2014. And so another year has come to an end. Whereas, in emerging countries around the globe, efforts continued to focus primarily on building as much as possible as quickly as possible, trends in the Western Hemisphere include greater emphasis on energy conservation, preservation of resources, and CO2 reduction. In exclusive reports from Brazil, Russia, and China we informed you about current projects of special interest to you: such as, for example, the stadiums of the World Cup. Selected scientific articles provided information on current research findings, including CO2 saving in concrete production.

At the end of this year, the yearbook Beton+Fertigteil Jahrbuch, now in its 63rd edition, will also be available. In the sections our editorial office has compiled a selection of outstanding examples for building with concrete. And all contributions that examine sustainable aspects of concrete construction will be summarized for the first time in a special chapter on sustainability. We hope that the reader will become even more consciously aware of and appreciate the successes of our industry.

Dear reader, the team of the technical journal BFT International thanks you for your loyalty and your constructive criticism that have accompanied us in 2014. We are likewise looking forward to a lively exchange in the coming year. Give us a call or send us a mail with your comments and information on your construction projects with precast parts worldwide.

We wish you and your families relaxing and reflective holidays and a good start into a new and successful year 2015.

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