Precast elements for hall covering an area of 2,500 m²

The company M. Busch GmbH & Co. KG once again commissioned the general building construction specialist Lehde, located in the German city of Soest, with the construction of a shipping and storage hall covering an area of 2.500 m². The cost for the construction project amount to around 1.1 million euros. The groundbreaking ceremony took place at the beginning of the year; the building is scheduled for completion at the end of May 2015.

M. Busch manufactures brake disks and brake drums for trailers and commercial vehicles, flywheels for internal-combustion engines, and gear boxes for construction machines in two locations in Germany, in Bestwig and in Menschede. The construction of the new hall was necessary in order to be able to store the enormous quantities of parts. For its implementation, the foundry relied once again on the expertise of Lehde that, as general contractor and one-stop supplier, will hand over a turnkey job, ready for use.

Lehde had built the first part of the storage hall already in 2007, to which the new build is now added. A possible extension had been taken into account already eight years ago and the reinforced-concrete columns and the foundation of the building already designed to meet the additional requirements. The forward-looking planning on the part of both the general contractor and the client paid off several times over in the renewed cooperation. “We can use the existing concrete columns for the new storage hall. This saves the client much space, time and, most of all, money,” declares Martin Butz, Lehde’s managing director, in that Busch can now use the 75 m² storage area that would otherwise have been taken up by twelve additional buttresses, and the spaces in-between would not have been available for flexible use.

Changed fire regulations ­optimally met

In order to optimally meet the changed fire regulations that resulted from the annex, Lehde thought of another particularity: “We retain the existing cladding on the old storage hall, assemble a concrete fire wall over it and affix it to the columns of the old building. This solution ensures that all fire protection regulations are fulfilled and the on-going production is at no point of time disrupted or, worse, interrupted,” explains Martin Butz. An airspace of only a few centimeters is needed for assembly, which later on disappears through the roof construction and exterior cladding. Disassembly of the existing face is therefore not necessary.

A third point that won Lehde the contract was the enormous speed with which the building construction specialist from Soest erects the hall. This is possible by following the just principle of just in time: Production of the in all 92 reinforced concrete columns and the wall slabs as well as the ten beams of 33-meter length to erection takes only a few days. Subsequently, Lehde, as general contractor, coordinates eleven trades at the construction site. Wolfgang Krappe, Managing Director of M. Busch GmbH & Co. KG, is thrilled about the overall package: “We have been working with Lehde for more than 40 years and have always been satisfied with the company’s high-quality and extremely fast work.”


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