Pre-cast decorative retaining wall system

(10) WO2020040822 (A1)

(43) 27.02.2020

(57) Provided is a pre-cast structural and/or decorative retaining walls, concrete walls that require moment restraints in one or two directions like retaining walls, monuments, levy walls, fences, building wails or any freestanding wall structure consisting of concrete walls constructed on a horizontal surface normally at a manufacturing facility, on rolling platforms or other substrate, or preferably built on the construction site where after curing the pre-fabricated walls can be installed at a site. The pre-cast panels can have a wide variety of decorative elements readily applied to both the upper and lower downside reflection surface. A unique feature is the buttress system that is added to the back of the wall system when elevated retention is required. By placing the buttress portion on top of the footing, and tying into the pre-decorated wail with reinforcement, an eco-friendly, design optional retaining wall system is accomplished which is rapidly and economically installed.




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