Powerful: VCE safety vacuum cleaner

The company Flex Elektro­werkzeuge GmbH replaces its previous product range of VCE safety vacuum cleaners and supplements it by model classes 33 and 44. These safety vacuum cleaners for use at construction sites, on the shop floor, and for compact applications get high marks, with their increased volume flow of up to 4,500 l/min. These vacuum cleaners operate at low noise levels, despite their greater efficiency, and offer many optimized details. The new safety vacuum cleaners will be available from the specialty trade beginning in January 2017.

In the Flex VCE 33 series, customers can choose among three model varieties, with a container volume of 30 l each. The models for dust classes L or M are optimized to meet special requirements and feature a manual or automatic filter-cleaning system. The Flex VCE 44 series, with a container volume of 42 l, features two model varieties for dust classes L and M, model VCE 44 H AC for dust class H + asbestos, as well as model VCE 44 M AC Air for compressed-air equipment.

Dust-free and quiet

The greater airflow of the new Flex safety vacuum cleaners results in extremely efficient dust removal and provides a valuable contribution to a dust-free and healthy workplace. Reduced noise emission during operation and automatic filter cleaning are additional benefits. Noise emissions are at a maximum of 68 dB (A) – i.e., within the range of normal conversation – contributing in this way to healthy application. A low center of gravity ensures low risk of tilting the vacuum cleaners.

The PES flat-fold filter with “longlife” Teflon coating is designed for a long service life. The size of the fleece filter bags for model series 33 and 35 is identical so that operation with several units of this series is possible with the same stock of bags. The new Flex VCE safety vacuum cleaners are also available for 110 V and 120 V power supplies.

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