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Olympic Park paving worthy of a medal

Gigantic construction work was known to be underway in southern Russian Sochi already many months before the mega event Olympic Winter Games 2014 were kicked off. Villages built to accommodate the participating athletes and a complete railroad line were erected in record time. In addition, five arenas and the central stadium were constructed on a site on which previously not a single sports facility had existed. Russia spent an estimated 37 billion euros on the image project.

Four Probst laying machines at work

The snow, bobsledding and sleigh competitions took place in the Alpine ski resort of Roza Khutor; all indoor competitions were held in Sochi itself. For this first time in the history of Olympic Games all sports arenas could be reached on foot. To make this possible, Technologii Blagoustrojstwa (TB) paved all paths in the Olympic Park anew. With the aid of four Probst VM-204 laying machines and the Powerplan PP screeding machine as well as an American Laser Grader, TB carried out this task fast and efficiently.

The Probst machines got high marks despite the tight deadlines, thanks to the ease of handling, their high flexibility and efficiency, and the excellent quality of the work. The operators of the VM-2003 laying machines have an unrestricted view in front and behind, ensuring the high quality of the work and safety. The center of gravity lies deep and always in the center of the machine.

Follow-up model already presented

That ensures optimal stability in every working phase. The chassis of the laying machine features double articulated steering. No horizontal forces act on the newly paved areas even when the machine makes sharp turns, because the wheels do not twist when the steering wheel is turned, but roll smoothly over the pavement. The arrangement of offset wheels in front and in the rear ensures that not tracks are formed on the pavement, even when the machine repeatedly passes over the same place. The laying machine functions moreover as universal support equipment for a wide range of attachments for different works: curb laying clamps, sweeping and watering systems, vacuum laying systems for different concrete and natural stone slabs, and many other special tools.

The follow-up model of the VM-2003 laying machine used in Sochi is the VM-301 Pavermax that Probst presented at the Bauma 2013. The new laying machine is a logically consistent further development of the VM-203. The VM-301, apart from a facelift, offers for the first time the possibility to optimally attach a fully glassed-in tubular steel cabin as weather protection, complete with heating and windshield wiper.


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