Next generation of Vertua admixtures for sustainable urban development

Launching the next generation of Vertua admixtures, internationally active construction materials company Cemex remains a leader in the field of sustainable solutions for the construction industry.

The product range of Vertua admixtures features advanced, innovative technologies and is an integral part of Cemex’s broadly based “Future in Action” strategy. This strategy aims to offer customers and partners a comprehensive portfolio of CO2-reduced and efficient solutions that support environmental goals and point the way to responsible construction.

Using the Vertua admixtures manufactured by Cemex can significantly improve the sustainability performance of a variety of applications.

Isomill 4000 line of products: cement grinding aids and additives that result in significant CO2 reduction, improved process efficiency and increased strength;

Isocast 9000 line of products: superplasticizers that enable more cost-effective precast concrete production by reducing the compaction effort, and shortening demolding times;

Isoflow 6000 line of products: superplasticizers for ready-mixed concrete that enable water and CO2 to be reduced by up to 50% in the concrete formulation;

Isoxel technology: a range of specific accelerating agents that can increase strength when using cements with reduced clinker content;

Isoform line of products: biodegradable concrete release agents that are free from mineral oil.

Fundamental building block for innovations

Admixture solutions are a fundamental building block for future innovations that will accelerate the construction industry’s goal-driven path of sustainable urban development – by reducing the CO2 footprint, increasing the efficiency of production processes, optimizing the use of resources.

Marcelo Catalá, Vice President Urbanisation Solutions at Cemex EMEA: “The Vertua range of next-generation admixtures on offer by Cemex, in combination with our broader offering of CO2-reduced, resource-efficient urban development solutions, will play a critical role in helping us and our customers build a better, more sustainable future.”

Cemex Admixtures is a global leader in construction chemicals, supplying value-added admixtures to meet the technical and, increasingly, ecological requirements of a broad range of customers in the construction industry (including cement, concrete, precast concrete elements, mineral raw materials and mortar) in over 30 countries. The extensive range of innovative and efficient admixture solutions offered by Cemex is supported by integral research and development capacities – with the Cemex Admixtures Research and Development Center based in Switzerland and local support in each country with high-tech production facilities, specialized laboratories and highly qualified technical experts to adapt to specific customer requirements. More than 200 new solutions have been developed in the past five years alone, which already account for more than 35% of the turnover of Cemex Admixtures.

Davide Zampini, Cemex Global R&D Head: “With its outstanding research and development work and global reach, Cemex Admixtures is perfectly positioned to play an important role in supporting and improving responsible action in the construction industry.”

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