New production site of construction che­micals in Saint Petersburg

BASF, a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals, commissioned a new plant in Saint Petersburg.

“We aim to further enhance the presence of BASF in Russia as well as to focus on the development in promising Russian regions,” Christoph Roehrig, head of BASF in Russia and CIS, marked. “Primarily, we will concentrate on those business segments, where we need to be close to our local customers to meet fully their requirements – a good example here is the construction chemicals market”.

The new plant has three lines which produce, respectively, concrete additives, alkali-free concrete setting accelerators, and tunneling shield lubricants. The company’s product range includes a number of innovative solutions developed and launched into production in 2016 and 2017. The entire range of concrete additives is produced at the plant, amongst other things additives based on lignosulfonates and naphthalenesulfonates as well as additives based on polycarboxylate esters and polyaryl ether. The new production also allowed the company to localize the entire production of materials for sprayed concrete and tunneling shield lubricants.

“Opening of a new production site will help to fully meet the high demand for these solutions, particularly in the North-West region, the Ural, Siberia and the Volga Federal Districts, and in other regions of Russia. Due to the optimization of logistics chains, the cost of these solutions will become more attractive for consumers and the delivery time will be significantly reduced which will help our customers to implement the most technically sophisticated projects“, Sergey Vetlov, Managing Director of BASF Construction Systems, said. After satisfying the needs for these solutions of local companies BASF intends to arrange the supply of products abroad. This also determined the choice of Saint Petersburg with its excellent logistics capabilities in terms of sea freight.

Investments in the new production facility at this stage amounted to about 5 million euros.

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