Haarup Maskinfabrik

New energy-efficient gearbox ­developed

The efforts of the Haarup design team have resulted in the development of a new generation of gearboxes for Haarup’s 3,000 and 3,750 l concrete mixers, giving customers significant advantages due to an even more energy-efficient mixing process. In addition, the gearbox makes it possible to retrofit older Haarup mixers, offering existing customers all the benefits of the new design. The new design features include increased energy efficiency, reduced noise emissions and an 8-year guarantee.

“We wanted to develop a gearbox that is even more energy-efficient. During prototype testing, the new gearbox surpassed all expectations. It was a very good day when the first gearbox started producing concrete at the site of one of our North American customers,” says Hans Christensen, Managing Director of Haarup. “Our client has confirmed that he is very satisfied with the high mixing efficiency and low noise.”

The gearbox weighs 4 tons and the production is now up to full speed at Haarup’s plant in Denmark and it will be installed in all future 3,000 and 3,750 l mixers. The gearbox is designed so that it can easily be retrofitted onto existing Haarup mixers if required.

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