New date for BIBM Congress

Dear readers,

These days there is certainly no lack of disturbing news. The corona crisis is currently the dominating topic and is confronting society with entirely new challenges. The pandemic is spreading uncertainty the world over, not only with regard to the health hazards it poses, but also in respect of the macroeconomic risks. Those responsible in the construction industry are asking themselves how wide-ranging the effects in their sector will be.

The consequences of the corona crisis, of course, do not stop in front of the BFT editorial office. In the past weeks we regularly reported on postponements of external international trade shows and events, and we have reorganized our business trips. Now it also concerns a separate event.The BIBM Congress Copenhagen 2020 – in which we are co-organizers – we move succesfully to 15th to 17th of November 2020. We will keep you up to date, so that in autumn we can jointly focus on the future of the European construction industry.

Right now, the effects of the exceptional situation caused by the corona are difficult to predict for all of us. But despite this, or especially because of it, we should make the best of the situation and not let it get us down. Team spirit and solidarity are what is needed in such a situation, more than ever before – the same as creativity and the ability to improvise.

Your team at BFT International will in any case do its very best to continue to provide you with important industry news and exciting reports.

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