New concrete mixing plant modularly integrated

The new concrete mixing plant from Amman at Betonwerk Sprenger has been in operation for only a few weeks – and its performance impresses its operators already now: High efficiency, high concrete qualities of various grades, comfortable service and maintenance thanks to easy access and a sure possibility for self-pickup customers without spillage are the decisive advantages of the new Ammann CMP 500 PL Elba. The modular configuration made it possible to accommodate the new plant in the existing terrain at the site and to link it up directly to the existing production hall.

Located very close to the city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany, the Sprenger concrete plant, headed by its Managing Director Marianne Lipp, specializes in the production of quality concrete. The company’s product line ranges from visibly finished kitchen tabletops to structural products for sewers. And colored concretes for interior use as well as made-to-order special products for buildings listed as architectural landmarks and cemeteries are also manufactured in the family enterprise.

The company has been manufacturing concrete at the Wallgau site in Germany from the time of its foundation so that the appropriate halls and transport facilities already existed. Production Manager Florian Lipp remembers: “Apart from its age, we were satisfied with our old plant – but the safety features no longer met the current requirements. And the environmental compatibility of the old plant was also no longer to the state of the art and we wanted a new, safe and environmentally sound solution.”

Plant designed in a modular way

Given these preconditions and requirements, Michael Ivanov, sales specialist at Ammann, quickly realized that here a plant of modular construction would be the best solution. “We analyzed the situation at the site and decided to connect the module to the mixer platform in the existing production hall. The great advantage of the Ammann CMP 500 PL Elba is that we can always integrate the individual modules into the existing terrain and building situation. A plant of modular construction is therefore best suited for the company Sprenger. However, we also needed a perfect solution for customers who want to pick up the fresh concrete themselves. In order to enable these customers to drive directly underneath the plant and to collect fresh concrete, we built a suitable swivel chute onto the module – in this way, customers can take out the smallest amounts of concrete from the mixing plant, virtually without splashing.”

The CMP 500 PL Elba mixing plant module, together with the CEM 500 P planetary counter-current mixer, can produce a total of 333 liters of fresh concrete from a dry filling of 500 liters. Sprenger stores the aggregates in a CEL27/3 Elba in-line batcher with three compartments, each of which with a holding capacity of 9 m³. The company stores its cement in the existing cement silo with a capacity of 30 tons. The fitters of the plant installed a special-purpose air-flow equalizer unit into the plant in order to prevent undesirable dust generation by means of pressure equalization. This considerably reduces dust and notably and literally improves the work climate.”

Control system easy to learn and intuitively operable

The as1 plant control system was received with particular enthusiasm by Florian Lipp: “This control system has a reputation for being especially easy to learn and for being intuitively operable. That we can confirm and we are impressed by the as1 control. Even quantities as small as 0.05 m3 can now be processed in the new plant without any problem – and the quality of the mix is right. We now have an absolutely state-of-the-art concrete mixing plant for producing our own concrete as well as for supplying our customers in the region. The modular construction enables our workers easy access to the individual modules at any time and facilitates maintenance as well.”

The fact that the company Sprenger is not only very satisfied with the efficiency of the concrete mixing plant, pleases Michael Ivanov very much: “Only a few months passed between planning and engineering the project in collaboration with the customer, and the fact that we were able to take into consideration the existing situation convinced him also. And, last but not least, our plant provides Sprenger with the required concrete of the highest quality. That, again, will further strengthen the excellent reputation the company enjoys in the region.”

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