New battery mold with double capacity

The new formwork system of B.T. innovation located in Magdeburg is compact and efficient. A field of application for the battery mold and the associated so-called butterfly formwork are low-cost housing projects in threshold countries or in series housing construction in Germany.

Like a butterfly spreading out its wings, the new formwork is lying on the floor of the production hall of B.T. innovation in Magdeburg – on the left a prepared steel formwork surface including reinforcement and mounting parts, on the right a likewise prepared steel formwork surface; two hinges at the center connect both sides measuring 6 x 2.40 m each.

When the hook of the indoor crane is traveling upwards, it is pulling at the center part with the two hinges and the formwork, which is actually called and sold by the supplier B.T. innovation under the memorable name “butterfly formwork”, is...

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