New Nanodur concrete with high modulus of elasticity

The strength of concrete is important; often, however, the verification of deflections and minimum rigidities are decisive factors for the design. A high and above all reliable modulus of elasticity of the concrete used is crucial for example for columns of high-rise buildings, steps of grandstands, and machine bases.

In the course of their activities in machine engineering, Dyckerhoff GmbH came across synthetically produced, marketable aggregates which can purposefully influence the modulus of elasticity of concrete. In combination with the binder Nanodur compound, Dyckerhoff GmbH has developed an UHPC mix design with a modulus of elasticity of 80,000 N/mm² and above, which can be regarded as negligible. This value is higher than the 70,000 N/mm² stipulated for aluminum.

The secret behind this innovation is the substitution of natural aggregates by the industrially tempered aggregate “durigid”, which is hardened in a sintering process. In individual cases an approval for the use of durigid is required, to obtain the same Dyckerhoff gladly provides assistance with their test results.

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