Motorway extension: reinforced-concrete pipes resist high loads

High-quality reinforced concrete pipes are used for installing the drainage system in the new sections of the German A 33 motorway. These pipes are subjected to high dynamic loads, and some of them have been laid just one meter below ground level.

The A 33 motorway connects the German region of eastern Westphalia with the North Sea ports, the Netherlands and, via the A 44, to the German State of Saxony. Three quarters of this route with a total length of about 100 km have already been completed. Until a couple of years ago, however, a gap of about 27 km still existed between Borgholzhausen and Bielefeld. 6.4 km of this gap were opened to traffic in December 2012 in the south of Bielefeld. Additional 7.9 km and 12.6 km sections are currently under construction near Steinhagen and between Halle and Borgholzhausen. Planning engineers...

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