Motivated Start into the Year 2021

Dear Readers, 

difficult times and setbacks, maybe even short-time work, from which our industry was also not spared in 2020. That can have a very demotivating effect. The start into the new year is therefore a good opportunity for taking a close look at the topic of motivation – in particular, employee motivation.

Motivation is defined as the sum of motives that encourages an individual to act. It is driven by the aim of attaining specific goals.

In examining motivation strategies, one comes quickly to the distinction between extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic employee motivation comes from an outside factor, i.e. outside influence like a bonus payment. Intrinsic employee motivation, in contrast, comes from within the individual. Among the reasons for this can be that the work is especially enjoyable, regarded as very worthwhile and/or the employee identifies closely with the company and feels closely connected to it. Intrinsic motivation is of longer-term duration and should be especially encouraged. The basic prerequisite for this is that the employee has a sense of well-being.

A first step towards boosting motivation, for example, could be improving the working environment. Just as decisive is how management communicates with their staff. Staff members must feel that they can trust their superiors and need not be afraid of a clarifying talk, even in critical situations. For good and open communication to succeed, much empathy is needed.

In this sense I wish you a motivated start into the new year and wish you much enjoyment in reading this issue.

Yours Karla Knitter

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