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Mortar hand pump new for cavities, tie holes, anchor sleeves

The versatile and proven product range of premium mortar hand pumps of B & M is extended by a new model with straight, circular outlet. This hand pump in combination with various nozzles is conceived for an efficient application of expanding mortar or anchor grout, and jointing mortar, cavity grouts, micro cements, and injection creams. In particular, when using waterproof mortar for the void-free filling of tie holes, anchor holes and strut cavities in concrete, this mortar hand pump is the professional, time-saving tool for every construction site.

The special sealing at the material piston enables the worker to use the pump for working overhead without dripping. The material is mixed according to the instructions of the manufacture, and then drawn in by the piston stroke, that‘s it, the pump is ready for filling mortar.

Long and short metal nozzles, joint nozzles with various holes as well as a special attachment which is used for feeding of previously set low pressure packers in the masonry are available as accessories (multi-stage injection, treatment of dry rod, damp treatment). The hand pumps are suitable for mineral materials up to a particle size of 3 mm.

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