More performance – quite automatically

The industrial engineering firm mbk Maschinenbau GmbH has over many years made a name for itself in the industry as a service-oriented company. At mbk, service orientation is understood not only to include maintenance and repair of machines, but most of all to observing individual specifications that can be exactly adapted to the requirements of the individual customer. But the focus of activities is also on machines of older generations: mbk ensures the operational readiness of older machines with innovative modernization measures, preventing in this way threatening machine downtimes.

Once a machine has attained a certain age, it is advisable to think about appropriate measures in good time so as not to endanger time-tested production processes and the competitive edge. Nowadays, delivery of spare parts for older machines is becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible. The various so-called retrofits (conversion to new drive and control generations) counteract this fact. These retrofits, moreover, can be combined with an upgrade of a machine, leading in addition to an ongoing automation process. These conversion measures are exactly adapted to the intended application. In this manner, extension of applications can be achieved and production efficiency increased.

Solutions from an individual item to large-scale series production

Automation means more productivity with systematic efficiency and is the future-proof response to the demands of a rapidly growing and increasingly fast-changing market. The time-tested and proven solutions from mbk are not restricted to large-series production, but are also implemented in production of small series, down to one-off pieces.

Professional and smooth assembly, commissioning, maintenance, and repair of machines – both at the company’s headquarters in Kisslegg, Germany, as well as in all subsidiaries, representatives, and spare-parts and wearing-parts warehouses all over the world – guarantee that qualified service teams, with their competence and the enormous availability of parts, minimize machine downtimes. Intensive training of the customer’s personnel on the application and handling of the machines are part of after-sales services. A LAN/WLAN link can also be provided for quick trouble-shooting, and appropriate updates increase production stability.

mbk Maschinenbau GmbH offers individual solutions by providing an extensive portfolio with optional accessories that is available for every machine that leaves mbk. This crucially and positively influences production and, accordingly, the value-added chain. The comprehensive accessory catalog noticeably facilitates the workday. Machines with quite individual specifications – conceived and implemented according to the varied wishes of customers – are a highlight in the broad performance spectrum in order to stay a decisive step ahead at all times.

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