Form follows force

Minimized use of materials in concrete construction

Solid concrete structures determine our life

Contemporary life just can’t do without concrete buildings and structures. Nothing would be possible without our built environment: living, working, transport, communications, utilities. For many of these applications, non-reinforced or reinforced concrete has turned out to be the best-suited building material. It is easy to produce, comes at a low cost, and is robust and moldable. Concrete buildings with true aesthetic appeal were constructed as early as more than 100 years ago. Yet we all know that, over time, many projects have been implemented...

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Issue 06/2022

Concrete light – A bridge made of carbon reinforced and infra-lightweight concrete

Making construction with concrete more resource-efficient and climate-friendly is one of the most important goals in civil engineering. Within the DFG-funded priority program 1542 “Concrete light”,...

Issue 02/2013 Dimensioning and Fabrication Technique

Thin-walled Shell Structure made of Textile Reinforced Concrete

At RWTHAachen University currently a pavilion is realized with a load-bearing structure consisting of four large-sized concrete shells. As reinforcement a non-corroding high strength textile fabrics...

Issue 02/2016 What are the potentials?

Truss structures made of reinforced-concrete elements –

Truss structures rank among the most efficient structures in civil engineering. On the one hand, the distribution among tension and compression struts allows high material utilization as well as ...

Issue 02/2017 Practical application in architecture

Textile-reinforced concrete and structural engineering

Boris Peter of Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering presents various practical applications of slender concrete structures with textile reinforcement. The appropriate application of carbon-reinforced...

Issue 05/2024

Montblanc House: Artistic concrete façade – Aesthetic appeal meets engineering sophistication

The new Montblanc House situated in Hamburg-Lurup in the immediate vicinity of the company’s headquarters offers a blend of brand experience, place to meet, exhibition space, boutique, and public...