Method for manufacturing a curable, slab-like light-conducting body, mold for carrying out the method ...

(11) US 2020/0298445 Al

(22) 06.08.2018

(43) 24.09.2020

(57) A method for manufacturing a curable light-conducting body (21) in a casting method, in particular for the manu­facture of light-conducting bodies (21) of a curable concrete material (36, 56), wherein a light-conducting mat (1) is embedded in a curable casting material (36, 56), and a casting mold (27) with a recessed mold cavity (18) open at the top is filled with the not-yet-cured casting material (36, 56), wherein, in a first method step, a plurality of molding punches (32) moveably arranged in the mold cavity (18) of the casting mold (27) are moved to at least the plane of the upper edge (43) of the mold cavity (18), 1. in a second method step, the space between the molding punches (32) in the mold cavity (18) is filled with a curable casting material (36), 2. in a fifth method step, the light-conducting mat (1) to be embedded in the casting material (36, 56) is placed an the end sides (61) of the molding punches (32) raised in the mold cavity (18), 3. and that, in a sixth method step, the light-conducting mat (1) is pressed into the casting material (36, 56) wherein, with the pressing movement of the light­conducting mat (1) into the casting material (36, 56), the molding punches (32) are approximately synchronously moved downwards out of the bottom surface of the mold cavity (18).

(71) Dieter CHRISTANDL, Weiz (AT); Josef CHRISTANDL,
St. Ruprecht/Raab (AT); Robert HOFER, St. Ruprecht/Raab (AT)

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